A new level of crazy

by Yaniv Reich on October 29, 2009

I spend a good deal of time thinking about how to expose contradictions in run-of-the-mill Israeli social psychology. My belief is that in this process I can perhaps persuade a few thinking folks out there that: (1) much of what we thought we knew about our country is wrong, (2) being wrong in this manner has dire consequences for Palestinians and Jews, and (3) we therefore need to think critically and deeply about the real rather than imagined problems that face Israel/Palestine. Although there is an extraordinary amount of blatant provocation in front of our faces, which doesn’t take a genius to identify, I do think there is a certain subtlety to trying to tease out the contradictions at the core of Israel.

And then something like this happens:

Likud MK Danny Danon said [today’s] attack [on a Los Angeles synagogue] was the result of a damning United Nations report on Israel’s winter offensive against Hamas in Gaza, compiled by South African jurist Richard Goldstone.

“The criminal attack in Los Angeles is a clear result of the Goldstone report,” he said. “Countries across the world need to reject the report, which brings with it hatred and anti-Semitism, and harms the peace process.”

This statement is so far off the charts, so fundamentally lost in the ideological abyss, that it absolutely boggles the mind. This man, Mr. MK Danny Danon, sits in Israel’s parliament and designs and votes on policies that affect Jews and Palestinians.

This lunatic sits in our government. As such, voting him and his friends out of office at the next possible opportunity is our immediate responsibility.

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