Ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem, continued

by Yaniv Reich on October 30, 2009

Make no mistake about it.

The continual demolition of Palestinian homes is a grinding, slow-motion form of ethnic cleansing. This is not about building permits, which are used by Israelis as an attempt at political cover. Ask Israelis about the last time they demolished a Jewish home in Jerusalem because of permit issues. Ask Israelis how many times they have evicted a Jewish family out of their permanent home, which has been there for generations. Yet this year alone more than 600 Palestinians have been made homeless.

This is the ongoing implementation of Israel’s Jerusalem policy to maintain a Jewish majority in all of Jerusalem, including Palestinian East Jerusalem annexed by Israel in contravention of international law.

Today, Israel destroyed homes and shelters in four Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem: Shuafat, Zur Baher, Silwan and Jabel Mukabar.

When will we hold Israel accountable for these crimes?

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