Settlers are “the salt of the earth”

by Yaniv Reich on October 27, 2009

More background related to my earlier posting on Major Agassi. He is not an isolated incident but rather one element of a broad infrastructure of messianic Judaism blended with real military and legal power.

Here is a recent article by Akiva Eldar, an expert on the settlements who writes for Haaretz:

Assistance from people with economic interests, the use of violence and weapons, and the cooperation of the establishment – all of these typify the settlement enterprise. Connections in the political, military and economic leadership, and the increasingly widespread view that theft of lands in the occupied territories is a noble ideological act – these, too, are a source of support for the settlers.
Additional evidence of the special relationship between settlers and the law-enforcement authorities in the territories came this week from the outgoing commander of the Judea and Samaria Police, Shlomi Katabi. In an interview with Army Radio, Katabi said: “I like the settlers, they’re the salt of the earth. The unbearable lightness with which they are slandered, harmed and undermined by statements against them is just disgusting.” He also attacked the residents of Tel Aviv, “who come out against the settlers, including those whose willingness to give to the country is one big zero. They sit there in Tel Aviv, park their jeep on the sidewalks in Sheinkin, drink espresso with their legs crossed and permit themselves to level criticism.”

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