Another Palestinian family evicted through settler violence

by Yaniv Reich on November 3, 2009

In a recent post, I highlighted an Aussie documentary on the tactics of ethnic cleansing that settlers, and the Israeli government, use to evict Palestinians and/or demolish their homes.

Please don’t think of this tragedy as a one time occurrence. It is constant and has been for decades.

Today, the settlers were at it again:

Rioting settlers forced a Palestinian family from the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah out of their home on Tuesday, after the district court denied the residents’ appeal to remain on the premises.

Shortly after the verdict was passed – to the Hanun family’s surprise – dozens of settlers stormed their house with hired security guards, and demanded that they vacate immediately.

How can we claim to be for peace while actively—continuously—pursuing the ethnic cleansing of one of the main points of mutual interest (and contention)?

This behavior is an unconscionable disgrace for Israel, the US, and the world.

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