Do boycott, divestment and sanctions advocates want to destroy Israel?

by Yaniv Reich on November 30, 2009

Absolutely not, unless your vision of Israel is inextricably bound with the current system of institutionalized racism, de jure segregation, the slow but daily process of ethnic cleansing, and a 42 year regime of military occupation. For many Jews and Palestinians, however, there exists another vision of Israel/Palestine in which all citizens enjoy the full suite of civil, political, and human rights. According to this perspective on the inherent equality of all humans, a new vision of peace in the region is proposed.

In the following video of George Fletcher (Professor of law at Columbia University) and Omar Barghouti (human rights activist), these issues are central to the fascinating discussion. What is most memorable for me about the debate is the moral strength of the equality perspective, particularly as compared to the weak and myopic counter-arguments that Fletcher makes. But I encourage you to form your opinions and share them in the comments below.

Thanks to Mondoweiss for sharing the video.

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