Does the Google Maps team support the settlements?

by Yaniv Reich on November 13, 2009

The other day I tried to find directions on Google Maps from one settlement to another. I wanted to see how far it was from Jewish terrorist Jack Teitel’s outpost of Shvut Rachel to the Yitzhar settlement where “baby-killing-is-OK” Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro lives.

It turns out that Google Maps is able to provide these directions, but only if you search for directions from “Shvut Rachel, Israel” to “Yitzhar, Israel”. If you try to enter the settlement names followed by Palestine, then the route is not identified. If you try just the settlement names without the country, the route is not identified. Only if you identify illegal Jewish colonies on Palestinian land as belonging to the state of Israel can you find the route you are searching for.

See the image below:

Google Maps directions from Shvut Rachel to Yitzhar settlements

Google Maps directions from Shvut Rachel to Yitzhar settlements

To be fair, the map does include the Green Line, marked as the “1949 Armistice Agreement Line”. But what are we to infer about the legitimacy of the settlements upon viewing Google Maps if we didn’t know they were illegal according to international law, that they involve the theft of Palestinian land, that they even run contrary to US foreign policy?

Given these settlements are built in occupied Palestine, they ought not to be recognized by Google Maps as a part of Israel.

Its the little things as well as the big things that allow these “facts on the ground” to become “facts in our minds”.

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