Ethnic cleansing formula: Build Jewish areas, demolish Palestinian ones

by Yaniv Reich on November 18, 2009

Fresh after the news that Israel intends to annex an additional 1200 hectares of Palestinian land AND news that Israel was constructing another 900 Jewish-only housing units in Gilo (in occupied East Jerusalem), AND news that yesterday the symbolic cornerstone of a new settlement-colony in Nof Zion was established, even after all these insane actions that are drawing the world’s attention (useless as that is), Israel STILL evicts Palestinians and demolishes their homes:

On Wednesday, Jerusalem Municipality workers destroyed five “illegal” structures in the [Palestinian] Jerusalem neighborhoods of Issawiya and Silwan.

The move brings the total number of demolitions carried out in the last two days to seven.

Although the settler movement has been loony since its inception, this is sheer madness happening in front of the entire world. The arrogance and violence has absolutely no shame. And not a single fucking person is doing anything to stop it.

Obama, Congress, it is incumbent upon YOU to stop this, yet you sit idly by, channeling US taxpayer dollars into this project, and peep every now and then about being “dismayed”. You are a fucking disgrace to humanity. You are on the wrong side of history. And generations of thoughtful and non-racist human beings will be revolted by the very mention of your pathetic names.

Update: If you think I am being too hard on the Obama administration, read this series of cowardly statements by the US State Department spokesman (thanks Mondoweiss for highlighting this):

QUESTION: How long is the U.S. going to continue to tolerate Israel’s violation of international law? I mean, soon it’s not even going to be possible – there’s not going to be any land left for the Palestinians to establish an independent state.

MR. KELLY: Well, again, this is a – we understand the Israeli point of view about Jerusalem. But we think that all sides right now, at this time when we’re expending such intense efforts to try and get the two sides to sit down, that we should refrain from these actions, like this decision to move forward on an approval process for more housing units in East Jerusalem.
QUESTION: Right. And then, last one on this, you characterized this decision by the planning commission as dismaying.


QUESTION: You can’t come up with anything stronger than “dismaying”? I mean, this flies in the face of everything you’ve been talking about for months and months and months.

MR. KELLY: It’s dismaying.

QUESTION: Yeah, you can’t offer a condemnation of it or anything like that? (Laughter.) I mean, who is in charge of the language here.

MR. KELLY: I have said what I have said, Mr. Lee.

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