It takes one to know one, apartheid regime edition

by Yaniv Reich on November 25, 2009

The government of South Africa issued a statement today describing Israel’s attempts at building in occupied East Jerusalem—for Jews only—while simultaneously evicting Palestinian families, as reminiscent of apartheid.

The official statement explained:

The South African government has issued an unusually harsh statement condemning Israel for approving 900 new housing units in Gilo and evicting Palestinians from their East Jerusalem homes, comparing Israel’s actions to the “forced removals” of the apartheid era.

“We condemn the fact that Israeli settlement expansion in East Jerusalem is coupled with Israel’s campaign to evict and displace the original Palestinian residents from the City,” the statement said. “South Africa is deeply concerned that these activities by Israel will only serve only to deepen the cycle of violence in the region.”

Of course, South Africa is the expert on precisely the crime they are accusing Israel of. Despite that, Israelis (and Jewish South Africans) responded in typical and tired fashion, stating it is “unjust to call Gilo a settlement or to conjure a phantasmagorical ‘campaign to evict Palestinians.'” I recommend they visit B’tselem’s site for the facts on their baseless assertions.

Just to be clear, the maintenance of an ethnically-differentiated set of rights for Jews and non-Jews is apartheid. The forced removal of a population based on ethnic criteria, for the privilege of another ethnic group, is called ethnic cleansing.

Israel is guilty of both.

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