Jerusalem Mayor Barkat: Israel doesn’t discriminate… against Jews

by Yaniv Reich on November 17, 2009

The following argument is becoming a frequently heard talking point of the settlement project. It goes as follows: to prevent Jews from living anywhere they want, you are discriminating against them. To suggest Jews ought not to first steal and then move (in contravention of the Fourth Geneva Convention) onto occupied Palestinian land is simply the desire to ethnically cleanse Jews from the West Bank. Of course Jews should be able to live in whatever place in the world they choose. Anything less is anti-Semitism.

Today, Jerusalem Mayor Barkat joins this settler chorus:

“Demanding that we stop building just for Jews is illegal in the United States as well [as Palestine], and in every other enlightened place in the world. I do not believe that the U.S. government would demand a domestic building freeze on the basis of race, religion, or gender, and attempting to demand this in Jerusalem is an unacceptable double standard,” Barkat said.

How long are we going to allow this continue? Until the colonists decide on their own to stop?

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