NY Times fails to inform about the settler movement

by Yaniv Reich on November 10, 2009

If I was editor of the New York Times, the self-proclaimed “newspaper of record”, during a week when:

  1. Jewish terrorist/settler Jack Teitel was arrested
  2. The 14th anniversary of Yitzchak Rabin’s assassination by another Jewish terrorist was being commemorated
  3. Netanyhahu’s wholesale subjugation to the settler movement was recognized as having killed Obama’s so-called peace process
  4. The NY Mets refused to cancel a fundraiser at their stadium for Hebron’s settlers (by a group that last year raised $33 million dollars for those extremists)
  5. Settler rabbis published a religious guide to killing non-Jews, including babies and other innocent people

… then I would strongly consider publishing an article on the massive, organized, well-funded extremist threat to Palestinians, Israel, and peace more generally.

I’m just saying.

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