Who’s the boss?

by Yaniv Reich on November 23, 2009

A brilliant one paragraph argument about the US-Israel relationship, courtesy of Scott McConnell at Mondoweiss:

Linked is a sober analysis from a Council of Foreign Relations guy, Steven Simon, pointing out that Israel probably has the capacity to effectively strike Iran’s nukes and probably will, unless we try really hard to be nice to Bibi’s government. In short, Israel, flush with American aircraft, ordinance, and weapons systems, has the capacity to do great damage to American interests throughout the Mideast–huge spike in oil prices, we would be blamed, our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan threatened–and the only way we can prevent it so be really really accommodating to Israel, so the Israelis don’t feel isolated. Guess we shouldn’t even think of not vetoing any resolutions about Goldstone in the UN, much less BDS [Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions].

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