Ya’alon: Jews have an unassailable right to settle anywhere

by Yaniv Reich on November 4, 2009

Moshe Ya'alon

Israelis spend a lot of time talking about how they don’t have a partner for peace on the Palestinian side. This widespread belief deflects attention away from the basic fact that the Israeli government is full of extremists and always has been. Despite what the Israeli public believes, it cannot be claimed these people want “peace” in any meaningful sense of the word.

By way of background, Moshe Ya’alon is a very important man. He was head of military intelligence (1995–1998), head of Israel’s Central Command (1998–2002), the IDF’s former Chief of Staff (2002–2005), and is currently a minister in Netanyahu’s cabinet with the title of Vice Prime Minister and Minister for Strategic Affairs.

Last June, he gave a speech at the settlement of Eli in the Ariel block (northern West Bank) in celebration of the 25th anniversary of its founding:

Jews have an “unassailable right” to “settle anywhere, particularly here, the land of the Bible.”
[The settlement of] Eli, which is tucked deep in the heart of the disputed territory, “breathes life into the Zionist vision in the face of the rising Arab nationalism.”
“[Israel] must revive the values of Zionism and to derive power and morality from it,” Ya’alon said. “Eli is an example and a model to be imitated.”

Should we really entrust peacemaking to Ya’alon and his friends?

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