Israel approves 492 new housing units in occupied West Bank—and some water slides

by Yaniv Reich on December 2, 2009

How can Israelis argue in public or private that they want peace? They can’t even adhere to their sickeningly weak “partial settlement freeze”, which is already far less than the entire world (and international law) demands.

From Haaretz:

Defense Ministry officials denied that an announcement on Wednesday that 84 new buildings [492 housing units] would be built in West Bank settlements was a bid by to appease settlers, who were angered by a 10-month freeze on new building in the territories.

And Israel is not only building new houses, they are also building amusement parks in occupied Palestine. Apparently, the Zionist “consensus” on Jewish-only, West Bank settlement blocs includes water slides (Thanks to the Majlis blog).

Source: The Majlis Blog

Source: The Majlis Blog

Meanwhile, Israel has stripped Jerusalem residency rights from 4,600 Palestinians and evicted another couple families from their historical homes so that Jewish fundamentalists could move in.

And on and on, and no one cared, and the US gave Israel a new shipment of weapons, and the US Congress approved another $4 billion dollars in foreign aid to Israel, and the US vetoed a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel, and criticism of these atrocities is anti-Semitic, and on and on we go.

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