Must watch video: Jerusalem as a microcosm of apartheid

by Yaniv Reich on December 15, 2009

You read about the demolitions of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem, about the “Israeli consensus” around Gilo in East Jerusalem, about partial settlement freezes that exclude East Jerusalem, about the 250,000 Jewish settlers living in East Jerusalem. Har Homa, Gilo, Sheikh Jarrah, Zur Baher, Jabal Mukaber, Ma’ale Adumim, planning, zoning, residency permits…

For people who have not been to these places, it can be difficult to process the foreign-sounding names, the Kafkaesque bureaucratic mechanisms of control, the artificial “reverse racism” claims of settlers who demand the right to build on Palestinian land in East Jerusalem, to evict and occupy individual houses as well as all of Palestine.

But the reality in Jerusalem can be very easy-to-understand. It is also a fundamental portion of any person’s education about Israel’s occupation and colonization project. Every human-rights abusing problem with Israeli occupation can be identified within the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem. Moreover, no other site in all of historical Palestine has such importance for both Palestinians and Israelis. For this reason alone, a clear grasp over political and social processes in Jerusalem is essential.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no resource more clear and comprehensible than the following video. It is the best 20 minutes you can spend in order to grasp the extent of apartheid and gradual ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem.

Part 1 (5:03):

Part 2 (6:22):

Part 3 (8:37):

(Thanks to Mondoweiss for pointing me to this remarkable video.)

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