Portrait of Israeli racism, part 172

by Yaniv Reich on December 24, 2009

Racist attitudes of Jewish Israelis toward Arabs is, in my view, a fundamental problem, which allows a whole host of violent and peace-destroying behavior to be widely accepted by the Israeli population.

In this example, parents of disabled children whose school was to be relocated into Palestinian East Jerusalem (which would of course be a part of Israel’s long-standing policy of ethnic cleansing) was unacceptable on the grounds that disabled children would have additional problems integrating in Arab society over their already real difficulties integrating into Jewish life.

Notwithstanding the merits of this argument—its worth noting that even the Welfare Ministry responsible for the move finds these arguments to be racist—only in the most intolerant and creepy corners of the Western world could one hear a statement such as this:

“Our kids can’t live with Arabs.”

Let’s apply the racism test by substituting in the name of your local minority in the place of ‘Arabs’. For example, “Our kids can’t live with blacks” or “Our kids can’t live with Latinos”, etc.

Doesn’t sound so pretty, does it?

It is hard to overstate the importance of anti-Arab discrimination in the ongoing conflict. Accordingly, we must fight against the conscious and unconscious discrimination against Arabs that has become so deeply embedded in society.

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