When Netanyahu calls settlers “brothers”, he means it in the “my brother the psychopath” kind of way

by Yaniv Reich on December 8, 2009

There exist strong domestic political reasons for Netanyahu to get down on his knees to beg the settlers to allow him to kiss their ass. What brown-nosing do I mean? I mean Netanyahu’s sycophantic efforts to bring his own version of global warming to the very temporary, very partial settlement freeze, all the while extolling settler-anarchists as “brothers”.

Meanwhile, settler leaders spit in Netanyahu’s face, accusing him of being a racist and violently opposing even the delivery of the government freeze orders. Only in Israel are such violent and continuous criminals treated as state-sponsored philanthropists to be praised as brothers and true nationalists. Of course, Netanyahu has a very long history of love-bonds with these fanatics, but he now needs to keep his ultra-right-wing coalition together while giving the appearance of concessions to US wishes. Thus the fake freeze and the ensuing, pseudo-righteous anger of the settlers, who are not accustomed to anyone doing anything to them except providing military, financial, and legal support.

The violent anarchism of these psychopaths is growing and it is a deadly threat to Palestinians, first and foremost, as well as to Israelis who believe in something like a normal country. I have highlighted in a previous blog post the settlers’ “price tag policy”, whereby they riot and destroy Palestinian life and property in order to make the government think twice about restraining them in any way, shape or form.

You should be aware that this price tag policy is explicit, as discussed on Didi Remez’s blog. He highlights a recent publication of the policy by Yosef Elitzur, a rabbinical leader of the same charming community that gave us the baby-killing guide.

From “The Mutual Guarantee Strategy” by Rabbi Yosef Elitzur:

“We do not discriminate: if the Jews don’t have quiet, the Arabs won’t have quiet. If the Arabs win because of violence against Jews, the Jews will win by violence against Arabs … To this day administration inspectors have not managed to enter Yitzhar since the freeze decree. That is because the experience and the heat at Yitzhar make every entrance by hostile elements require large forces and end with much damage to IDF and police property, even more damage to Arab property and persons, and a sector burning on all sides for a few days.”

Then, of course, exactly one day later reports emerge that settlers, suspected to be from Yitzhar, “set fire early yesterday morning to a house and two cars belonging to Palestinians in the Einabus village near Nablus.”

“Our brothers”, indeed.

Don’t mind my cute, little brother… he’s just a mental patient afflicted with a peculiar blend of schizophrenia characterized by delusions, anarchism, terrorism, ultranationalism, and religious fundamentalism. But we love him anyway.

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