An example of the inevitable consequences of ethnocracy

by Yaniv Reich on January 6, 2010

You may not have heard about the new bill running through the halls of the US Congress because it hasn’t been covered by the media. But a progressive US senator has decided to challenge a longstanding law that prevents nonwhites from leasing any US government land or owning it should it come to market. As the law currently stands, should the US or state governments need to sell any of the large swathes of land they currently control, this land must be sold or rented only to whites—no blacks, no Latinos, no Asian-Americans are allowed to participate.

This courageous senator has put forth a new bill that would require state land sales/leases to be distributed on the nondiscriminatory basis of equal rights. Alas, the bill has been voted down and whites retain their exclusive property rights to state-controlled land.

What the hell am I talking about? There is no way this can happen in the US, you claim? Well, you are right, it is crazy to contemplate such a thing in the US. Yet such legal discrimination is not only considered absolutely normal in Israel; further, it is the subject of specific, supportive arguments by the so-called liberal classes of the country (and American Jews, who are themselves a pretty liberal voting bloc on any other topic).

Last week, one of the few Arab members in Israel’s Knesset (the kind regularly touted by Israel’s supporters as evidence of Israel’s democracy), MK Tibi, proposed exactly the bill I just described above: a measure to have state land be allocated on the basis of equal rights, rather than on a preferential basis to Jews.

The law was voted down. Ethnocracy and its associated forms of institutional discrimination resist another challenge on the basis of equal rights.

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