An Israeli vote for genocide… with 51 percent support

by Yaniv Reich on January 13, 2010

Imagine if the US caught wind of a poll being run in, say, Yemen by that country’s biggest news network, their equivalent of a CNN or MSNBC.

The poll asks the following question: “Given the recent attempted terrorist attack on the US and the United States’ threatening statements in response, what do you think is the right way to deal with them?”:

The options are:

  1. Prepare our military defenses for a possible attack.
  2. I don’t trust the US intentions.
  3. We need negotiations and diplomacy to end the crisis.
  4. Destroy the US.

The expected US reaction is predictable: politicians would scream through Congress’ rafters about Yemen’s belligerence and state-sponsorship of terrorism, Wolf Blitzer would take his nasally tone to his Situation Room, and we would be bombarded with endless news cycles of hysterical US reactions.

When our allies ask these questions, however, nobody gives it a moment’s pause.

A couple days ago, Israel’s Channel 2 (Keshet) ran precisely this poll on its website, asking about Israeli attitudes toward ‘Iron Dome’, the country’s new anti-rocket technology. The responses included: (1) It’s about time, (2) I don’t trust it, (3) We need negotiations, and (4) Destroy Gaza.

At the time Promised Land blog picked up on this piece of dehumanizing hatred, 51 percent of respondents had chosen the option to destroy Gaza, which would constitute genocide according to international law. (Note: the usual caveats about self-selection and lack of national representativeness apply.)

But Noam at Promised Land blog makes exactly the right point: Its not acceptable to even pose the question. I would go further and argue that it comes dangerously close to incitement to genocide.

In what pathological mind does the idea to run this survey even occur?

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