Choose your poison: environmental racism or ethnic cleansing

by Yaniv Reich on January 8, 2010

This gem of a news item has a little bit of something for everyone.

If the environment and environmental justice is your thing, you have a story about Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat’s effort to turn the Palestinian neighborhood of Anata, Jerusalem into a construction waste site. If your goal is the acceleration of ethnic cleansing of occupied Palestine, you can identify with the furious settlers who consider Barkat to have violated one of his campaign pledges to turn Palestinian Anata into a Jewish neighborhood. If your perspective is ending the ongoing colonization of occupied Palestine by Jews who cannot see farther into the future than their line of sight, then you can get upset by the settlers’ absurd reactions and the fact Barkat actually campaigned for mayor on a platform of ethnic cleansing by another name.

If you’re a Palestinian resident of Anata, you’re only real choice is between having your neighborhood turned into a Jewish waste site or a Jewish house site.

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