“I told my kids: ‘Don’t worry, the Israelis won’t target our house’ “

by Yaniv Reich on January 4, 2010

One year ago, Israel destroyed Gaza. Over 1000 noncombatant human beings, who used to laugh and think and eat and shit and much else besides, were simply eliminated as part of Israeli military action. Was it intentional? I don’t think so, although the more I read about the Dahiya Doctrine the more uncertain I get of this. Was it a consequence of the total dehumanization of Palestinians that I discussed yesterday? Absolutely.

Since the fateful assault on Gaza, Israel has prevented any reconstruction on the grounds Hamas might use the materials to strengthen itself. In other words, Gazans have been living under a nearly total siege, imposed by Israel, alleviated only through illegal smuggling through tunnels and the aid trucks Israel decides to allow through (see Gaza Gateway for information on this aid).

For the next 11 minutes, please just put aside all of your political ideas about the causes and consequences of Israel’s assault. I am not saying the political context doesn’t matter, of course. I am simply imploring you to watch the following video clip and to connect with the tremendous suffering that Israel inflicted one year ago, and which it chooses on a daily basis to continue. The suffering is real, profound, and captured excellently in this Guardian (UK) report.

Life in Gaza, One Year On

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