Israel’s conception of peace involves permanent West Bank presence

by Yaniv Reich on January 20, 2010

No Israeli leader has ever called for—much less offered—any peace deal to the Palestinians that would be reasonable for the Palestinians to accept. All such proposals have always undermined a number of the most fundamental characteristics of any sovereign state, such as control over borders, airspace, resources, etc, and therefore failed to provide Palestinians with the national self-determination that is their right.

Today, PM Netanyahu made his vision of “peace” crystal clear:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that Israel must have a presence in the West Bank even after a peace agreement is achieved, the first time he has spelled out such a demand. “This will require the Israeli presence on the eastern side of a Palestinian state.”

There is a rich history of Israeli officials arguing that the Jordan Valley is necessary for “security reasons.” Still, this statement, at this time, represents a serious provocation to the Palestinians, the Americans, indeed the whole world.

No freeze to settlements, no Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem, permanent Israeli presence in the ostensibly Palestinian state. . . . This is a recipe for endless violence, advocated forcefully from the Prime Minister’s office in Jerusalem.

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