Occupation by the numbers

by Yaniv Reich on January 29, 2010

Sometimes numbers are worth a thousand words. And if the numbers aren’t enough, the selection of maps on this website (which can be found under the Resources tab) can provide another couple thousand words worth of images.

  • Length of the West Bank-Israel border: 196 miles.
  • Projected length of West Bank wall: 437 miles.
  • Projected proportion of wall built on border: 20 percent.
  • Length of wall in and around East Jerusalem: 104 miles.
  • Length of wall on internationally recognized border near Jerusalem: 3 miles.
  • Percentage of West Bank surface area, including completely surrounded enclaves in and near East Jerusalem, cut off by the wall: 12.
  • Amount of land expropriated for construction of the wall: 8.750 acres.
  • Number of gates built into the wall: 67.
  • Number open on a daily basis to Palestinians with appropriate permits: 19.
  • Percentage of Palestinian agricultural land planted with olive trees: 45.
  • Percentage of Palestinian population that participates in olive harvest: 50.
  • Number of olive trees in occupied territories: 9 million.
  • Number inaccessible or access restricted after construction of the wall: 1 million.
  • Number burned, uprooted, or bulldozed by the Israeli army from 2000 to 2005: 465,945.
  • Percentage of Palestinian families not permitted to access their land in the “seam zone” in northern West Bank: 82.
  • Palestinian communities in “seam zone” with 24-hour access to emergency medical care: 1.
  • Palestinians living in “seam zone” upon its completion: 60,500.
  • Palestinians living in Jerusalem cut off from the city by the wall: 63,000.

Source: Saree Makdisi, Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation, Norton and Company, 2008.

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