Spring Break 2010: Real life infilftrations with the Israeli army into Palestinian territory

by Yaniv Reich on February 2, 2010

Still haven’t booked that Spring Break 2010 ticket? Allow to me to suggest something, a trip with mystique, exotic lands, spicy foods, incomprehensible languages, dark-haired beauties, and the smallest tinge of danger just to add that extra element to the trip.

Am I talking about India, Cuba, Thailand, Turkey, or Nicaragua?

Nope, I am talking about the trip of a lifetime, a trip that will not only open your eyes to things you have never experienced, but also provide you with lifelong skills that you can apply to your loved ones, your neighbors, or your nearest enemy at least.

Come to the “Ultimate Mission Trip” in Israel, organized by the Hadin Law Center.

Join with doctors, attorneys, accountants, programmers and other professionals from around the world on an unparalleled and unprecedented Israeli reality-check in Jerusalem:

  • Briefing by Mossad officials and commanders of the Shin Bet.
  • Inside tour of the IAF unit who carries out targeted killings.
  • Observe a trial of Hamas terrorists in an IDF military court.
  • First hand tours of the Lebanese front-line military positions and the Gaza border checkpoints.
  • Inside tour of the controversial Security Fence and secret intelligence bases.
  • Meeting Israel’s Arab agents who infiltrate the terrorist groups and provide real-time intelligence.
  • Briefing by Israel’s war heroes who saved the country.
  • Meetings with senior Cabinet Ministers and other key policymakers.
  • Small airplane tour of the Galilee, Jeep rides in the Golan hights, water activities on Lake Kinneret, a cook-out barbecue and a Shabbat enjoying the rich religious and historic wonders of Jerusalem’s Old City.
  • Live exhibition of penetration raids in Arab territory.

My personal favorite, the deal-sealer for me, is the last item: live penetration raids into Arab territory (Editor’s note: You can do the same thing by driving via three land paved road to the settlement of Maale Adumim, or any other Jewish colony on occupied Palestinian land). I can almost imagine the adrenaline rush now as representatives of the fourth most powerful military on earth escort me deep into the land owned by people they have occupied and colonized for at least the last 42 years.

That’s more adrenaline than I can get at any raunchy third-world discotheque that caters to overweight and sweaty white men.

In my humble blogger opinion, the worst part of this trip, and the organization that promotes it, is the simple and obvious point that Israelis are so proud of their militaristic culture that this is actually seen as a selling point. The corrollary of that point, of course, is that there must be a market of people willing to pay to be such of such masochism and racism.

No matter what your opinions about the causes and consequences of the conflict, is it truly this impossible to conceive of Palestinians as minimally human?

(Thanks to Mondoweiss for highlighting this organization.)

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