[Updated-June 9th] Overview of Israeli/Jewish fanaticism in the wake of flotilla killings

by Yaniv Reich on June 4, 2010

The Freedom Flotilla has inspired some rabid and quite insane responses from my countrypeople and co-religionists.  The following videos/articles don’t need a lot of extra commentary.  I just wanted to put together some examples of the type of reactions one sees coming out of Israel and the Jewish community.  This is, in my view, the strongest evidence possible not only of Israel’s guilt in this matter (why else such violent defensiveness?) but also of our exact historical place in the inevitable decline of the ultra-Zionist worldview that has gripped my people for the last 70 years, with seemingly increasing intensity each passing moment of our lives.

  1. Israelis demonstrate in favor of the IDF’s actions, chanting “Death to Arabs! Death to leftists!”
  2. Knesset members nearly attack Palestinian-Israeli MK Zuabi, calling for her citizenship to be stripped.
  3. Facebook group calling for MK Zuabi to be killed.
  4. The Jewish Week (an American Jewish magazine) publishes an op-ed calling for a war crime to be committed against next flotilla.
  5. Israel navy officer saying flotilla “result is near perfect.”
  6. The Zionist Organization of America calls for an investigation into Turkey’s role (yes, you read that right) in the flotilla fiasco.
  7. Israelis burn Turkish flag, i.e. the flag of their closest ally in the Middle East, in front of Turkish embassy.
  8. Rightists berate Tel Avivians (for being “indifferent”, call them “traitors”) and attack former left-wing Knesset member Uri Avnery
  9. Attempts to shut down media outlets deemed insufficiently favorable to the government
  10. Pro-IDF, Anti-Turkey Rally in Tel Aviv—A Glimpse Into Collective Israeli Derangement
  11. Palestinian-Israeli Knesset members, often touted in support of the strength of Israel’s democracy, face numerous death threats
  12. Pro-Israel hecklers in San Francisco threaten silent protest by Women in Black, a group committed to nonviolence: “We will find out where you live; we will disrupt your families.”
  13. The ‘price tag policy’, whereby Jews attack Palestinian people and property as a form of political protest, comes inside the Green Line to Haifa

More will be added as I find them.  Please feel free to send in any materials that you think make the list.

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