‘Moderate’ Zionism means only ethnically cleansing the future capital of Palestine

by Yaniv Reich on September 27, 2010

One day Jeffrey Goldberg will have attained the irrelevance he deserves. In the meantime, it is worth deconstructing his pathetic attempts at defending, indeed encouraging, Israel’s brutality.

Today he proposes rather self-righteously an “idea for Bibi”:

Why not risk your governing coalition and impose a total freeze on settlement growth outside of the greater Jerusalem area? This way, you’ll show the world, and the Palestinians — who are governed, on the West Bank, at least, by a group of true moderates, who have done a great deal for your security over the past year — that you are serious about grappling with the challenges before you.

Apparently, Zionists are ‘true moderates’ when they refrain from ethnic cleansing all of Palestine and focus their efforts exclusively on ethnic cleansing Palestinians out of the capital of their future state.

This strategy, Goldberg goes on to explain, could convince a “few settlers”, out of a total sum of colonists that number over half a million, to come back into “Israel” and “reinvigorate Zionism”.

What a vision!

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