More on the purposeful construction of Israeli paranoia

by Yaniv Reich on November 3, 2010

Two posts ago I discussed the Israeli media reporting of a recent poll, and I highlighted how the framing of the matter contributes to Israeli fears, which run directly counter to the attitudes required to make genuine peace.

Today we have another striking example.  The Jerusalem Post (again) announces:

Majority of Palestinians Oppose Peace Talks

Interesting, no?  Those angry rejectionist Arabs seem to be undermining peace again.  Or are they?  Once one scrolls down to the actual text though, we read the following:

56% of Palestinians oppose a return to peace talks with Israel while West Bank settlement construction is ongoing, Ma’an News Agency reported Wednesday

This is, of course, a radically different sentiment from the context-less assertion that Palestinians are ideologically against peace talks with Israel.  What they are against is providing political cover to the Israelis while their land is actively being taken from them in order to build Jewish only communities in what was supposed to become their state.

In other words, 56% of Palestinians are against providing political legitimacy to their own ethnic cleansing.

Does that really warrant the headline the JPost provided?  Whose agenda is served by the JPost’s false alarmism?

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1 Clif Brown November 4, 2010 at 4:22 pm

That’s journalism. When I have submitted stories, I’m often dismayed at the titles dreamed up by editors that mislead the potential reader. Example: a story about a person having a hot dog at a baseball game with the title “man bites dog”. Editors have enormous control.

2 Yaniv Reich November 4, 2010 at 4:25 pm

Very true—and very sad when it’s used to manipulate people.

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