Everything is the Palestinians’ fault, even Israeli deaths from friendly fire

by Yaniv Reich on January 9, 2011

Not a particularly deep point, but it’s worth noting that Israeli incitement against Palestinians really is limitless.

A couple days ago, initial reports suggested from the Israeli army that Palestinian militants had attacked soldiers, injuring at least four, but that it was unclear even hours after the event what had happened to “the terrorists”. Later it emerged that the Israeli occupation army had actually fired mortars at itself, killing one soldier and injuring the others.

Of course, even when Israelis kill each other it is the fault of the Palestinians. Here, for example, is Yaakov Katz in the Jerusalem Post arguing that because there are constant hostilities on the border (one wonders how months/years go by without any Israeli casualties given the high level of “terrorist activity”), technical or human malfunctions that kill Israeli occupation forces are not due to those technical or human malfunctions themselves. Similarly, they are not due to the collective imprisonment of 1.5 million people those soldiers are enforcing, nor are they due to the continuous, murderous enforcement of the “buffer zone”, in which dozens of Palestinian gravel collectors, shepherds, and farmers have been murdered in cold blood. Hostilities indeed!

Nope, these Israeli military deaths are the fault of the Palestinians too. Such thinking allows a simpleton like Katz to write that “the IDF has yet to find a solution to preventing friendly fire incidents, many of which are the result of mistaken identification like that which occurred during Cast Lead” in the context of an op-ed with the title “Friendly fire inevitable result of battle on border”.

Incidentally, the same thinking (by the same militaristic functionary) is what allows Israelis to believe that somehow they are not responsible for murdering Jawaher Abu Rahma with a barrage of tear gas, which Israeli army doctors specifically warned could be deadly in high concentrations, like those generated by the Israeli army’s new weapons that launch multiple tear gas canisters at a time.

It’s the same thinking that causes Israelis to accept the murder this week of 21 year old Mahmoud Muhammad Darajme, because he was terrifyingly carrying a glass bottle.

It’s the same thinking that allows Israelis to absolve themselves of the cold-blooded murder of a 65 year old man, while he was in his bed, a father and husband, executed at dawn for no reason whatsoever except that he was Palestinian and the Israeli occupation soldiers have the weapons and political power. The unarmed, sleeping man was, after all, “returning fire.”

Is there no limit to the violence that Israelis will excuse?

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