Israel accelerates rate of killing Palestinians in early 2011

by Yaniv Reich on January 10, 2011

Last October, the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem published a report indicating that Israel murdered, on average, one Palestinian every other day between 2006 and 2009, excluding the attack on Gaza known as Cast Lead that killed an additional 1,400 people (note that including Cast Lead brings the total to an average of around 1.5 murdered Palestinians per day).

Nevertheless, Israel seems dissatisfied with that killing rate, because the inglorious Israeli occupation forces have increased it in early 2011.  A quick run-through of those Palestinian human beings already killed in the long first week of 2011.

That’s eight murdered Palestinians and we are only on January 10th.  Seems like the 0.5 Palestinian killing rate per day (sans Cast Lead) didn’t convey the right message about Israeli deterrence to Palestinians protesting nonviolently land theft, to Palestinians sleeping in their beds, to Palestinians farming their land, and, yes, to Palestinians (allegedly) militarily resisting a brutal 44 year old military occupation.

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