Somebody needs to remind FM Lieberman about Congresswoman Giffords and 19 other casualties

by Yaniv Reich on January 10, 2011

Understanding nothing and learning nothing, FM Lieberman and his buddies stoke the fires of political violence with their fascist rhetoric designed to eliminate political opposition.

FM Evet Lieberman:

“It is the public’s right to know, these [Israeli human rights] organizations are terror supporters whose only goal is to weaken the IDF.”

MK Ben-Ari:

Leftist organizations are “germs”, “enemies of Israel”, and “traitors who must be persecuted at any cost.”

“Such a germ can destroy Israeli society. This enemy threatens the state’s existence,” he added.

And then there is the video released today calling for the murder of Israel’s deputy attorney general after he suggested anti-Arab racism on Facebook be investigated.

Putting aside the very significant Jewish experience with such ideologues in 1930s and 1940s Europe, Lieberman has failed to process any of the significance of yesterday’s attempted assassination of Democratic party Congresswoman Gifford (who was, incidentally, a Jew) after Sarah Palin had put her in a political target map replete with a rifle scope’s crosshairs. Today, Giffords is in critical condition after taking a bullet execution-style into her brain, five others are dead, including a 9-year old child, and 14 more are seriously injured. Although the shooter appears to be very mentally unstable, the fiery political rhetoric in the country, led by Palin and the Tea Party, make the realization of violence much more likely (a point made ably in this Andrew Sullivan piece).

These proto-fascists are playing a very, very dangerous game.

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