Israeli ‘satire’ packs dozens of racist, dehumanizing, Orientalist caricatures into one obscene skit

by Yaniv Reich on February 27, 2011

File this under the bat-shit crazy category of racism.  Latma TV, the same fundamentalist right-wing media group (founded by luminaries such as the neuron-challenged Caroline Glick) that brought us the “We Con the World” parody after the flotilla massacre, now publishes a truly offensive skit mocking the Arab democracy revolutions.

It would have been literally impossible to fill a single, 3 minute and 23 second music video with more run-of-the-mill and violence-serving stereotypes about Arabs.  From the clothes and accessories worn by all characters in the skit—which include keffiyeh, balaclava, assault rifles, gold-highlighted shoes, Saddam Hussein-esque moustaches, sweatsuits—to the messages of uniform, one-dimensional hate and violence (“We [Arab democratic revolutionaries] all share a hope, to see every one of you [Jews] swinging from a rope.  Every one of you, in our rifle scope.”), the Arabs in this music video are portrayed as consumed by rage, hate, and violence, and of insufficient intellectual, political, or emotional development to deal with democracy.  The rifle scope refrain is particularly chutzpah-ridden, especially considering the Israeli army veteran shirts that glorify “two kills, one shot” with a photo of a rifle scope on a pregnant Palestinian woman’s belly (see here for an assortment of these shirts).

The group that produced this video, Latma TV, is more than some marginal, amateur group from the intellectual backwaters of Facebook.  When their post-flotilla video came out, the Israeli government press office forwarded to to journalists, and then apologized for the “accident” after people so rightly took offense.  In other words, these producers’ efforts are being watched and promoted (even if by “accident”) by sympathetic people in the Israeli government.  The group has also won an “award”, the 2011 prize given out by the hypernationalist Israel Media Watch organization.

Of course, the video explains a whole lot about Israeli psychology and racist attitudes, and precisely nothing about Arab psychology and attitudes.  But that is exactly what violence-creating, violence-perpetuating prejudice does.

Check out the full video below.

LatmaTV – The Arab Democracy Anthem

I had been debating with myself for the last hour whether to link to this hateful video.  In the end, I decided that sharing it and exposing the dehumanizing racism of this Israeli group is important, even it might gain them a few undeserved hits.  If you have any opinion on whether or not this was a good decision, please feel free to let me know in the comments.

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1 Stacie February 27, 2011 at 7:07 pm

it’s good that you post it because it exposes the very racist nature of the video

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